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I just posted a new blog, Relationships, Marriage, and Gaining or Losing Weight about marriage and weight gain or loss?

Would having your partner or spouse join you help you to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight?

What do you consider the upside or downside to losing weight together? Is there even a downside?

How do you feel about this? Let’s discuss it.

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For me, this is a complicated issue. My husband is one of those naturally skinny people. He just can not put on fat. He is encouraging (often times demanding) of my weight loss efforts, but it is impossible for him to empathize with my struggle with food.

Exercise is also a tricky issue. He finds hiking very boring, but I find it great, not only for my health, but for my soul. His exercise of choice is Karate. I have tried Karate, but I find it hard to hit people, even with pads on (that something he agrees with me about, he did not like watching me hit people either).

It is further complicated by the fact that he travels quite a bit for his job. If we are lucky, we see each other over the weekend. So the last thing he wants me to do is go hiking or head to the gym. In a way it is sweet. He is happiest when I am sitting right next to him, whether he is working on his book or watching rugby. But on the flip side, I need the exercise to reach my goals - something he wants me to achieve, but only when he is not around.

I guess you need to take advantage of the times when he's travelling. If he's gone most of the week, that's the perfect time to get a few workouts or hikes in. BTW, today is Wednesday, when I usually post pictures from my walk, but I'll be doing that later in the week because I'm planning on going to the beach tomorrow.

I'd love for you to take a hike and snap a few shots..................:)
I will definitely work on getting that for you. I was thinking of doing my 5 mile hike around my little town and taking pictures. The homes and park are old and quaint in my little neck of the woods.

I am working on getting some of my photos of New Zealand up on the photos section. I will also gradually put in some photos of other countries I have been.
A happy medium is the only solution, IMHO. You guys both love each other so that should be the goal.
It's a double edged sword. You can have the wholly supportive partner who is always in your corner... even when your weight is up!.. Or you could have the 'Drill Instructor' who never lets you rest. I think it's all about progression and making small steps for you as well as your partner!
I totally agree with you! Not having a supportive partner would be difficult for me. I would have to cook differently and stand criticism.

I'm lucky to have a very supportive husband. We started changing our lifestyle together twenty years ago for a better one. I cook healthy food and he appreciates what I do for our health. Even our children followed us in this task by then making it better now.
My husband is a thinner fellow with no weight issues ,he does go to the Y sometimes but says he has a giggly belly.NO HE DOSEN'T.I have a 100% great guy & am thankful for that .We will be married 31 yrs in July & he takes me as I am & I am the one not liking this weight on me.I am down 20 lbs with many more to go.Naturally skinny to like Susanna's hubby :-)
I think having a supportive spouse goes miles in losing and keeping weight off.
Often those we love sabotage us without realising it, just wanting us to be happy, or because *they* don't need to watch their food, so why worry about the other?
I've been lucky to have a supportive husband. We've gotten healthy together. I actually have to watch myself as I keep giving him larger portions, and in that way, sabotage him without realising it. Now that we're both on a kick again to lose weight it is so helpful to have someone else ask "why are you eating that?". It helps me keep my emotional/boring eating to a minimum and make healthy food.
He's willing to try any new wierd foo dI put in front of him, which helps too...makes me want to work at making healthy foods.
Based on many blogs I've read, you're lucky your husband will eat anything put in front of him. Many women have issues due to the fact their husbands don't want to eat the "weird, healthy" food.
My wife is the single greatest reason I am losing weight - she is naturally thin, but that is due in part to great habits that she really doesn't have to work at, since they were ingrained by her mother from childhood (in my opinion).

And on exercise, running together does wonders for our bond. We are lucky I suppose - it really is good for us both mentally, physically, and "spiritually".
There would be no down size if my wife joined me eating better and exercising more. With our busy schedules we don't get to spend much time together so 45-60 mins at a gym would be some time together that we migh otherwise sit in front of television. It might put a little more competition in the mix because I couldn't let my wife lose more weight than me!
I am currently a Weight Watcher and I hate it when my husband acts like the "Food Police." Sometimes he will say things like "Do you really need that?" or "Points, honey, points!" I know he is trying to be helpful but it only makes me want to eat more! He doesn't go to the meetings so he doesn't even know what he is talking about! I think if he actually did the program with me that would be helpful because we would be doing it together and supporting each other. As a result, better food would be in the house and therefore, I could make better choices...fewer temptations if you will. We worked out once or twice together which I actually enjoy. I would love it if we were a "workout couple!" C'mon, you know the type!!! lol.




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