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Temptation Got You Squirrelly?

When temptation arises do you start to feel irrational, like you have no mind of your own? When they bring out the appetizer, do you think, “I can eat just a few bites?” When you hear them start to sing Happy Birthday, does your mouth start to water for cake and ice cream? Do you just have to have a pudding cup as you spy your child grabbing one? I know that these times for me really test my strength. It is difficult for me to stay on my diet and live… Continue

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Your Support Group - Weight Loss Team Member #4

If you've been following along, here is the fourth and final member of your weight loss team. We've already covered:

1. Doctor

2. Nutritionist

3. Personal Trainer

Successfully losing weight and maintaining the weight loss requires several different factors all working together. Get a team of experts… Continue

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The Nutritionist - Weight Loss Team Member #2

Like I mentioned in the previous post, losing weight and maintaining the weight loss requires several different factors all working together. To increase your success you need a team of experts behind. We already covered consulting your physician as team member #1. Let's move on to weight loss team member #2.


There is so much information available on weight loss and what foods to… Continue

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Journal and Succeed

I find it helpful and important to keep a journal of the foods I eat to achieve the healthy lifestyle I am living. Mainly, journaling helps me keep in mind what I am eating. It makes me think about what I eat and forces me to make a conscious decision whether or not I should eat a particular food that day. If I am craving cookies, I can work them into my diet… Continue

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Who do you need on your weight loss team?

Successfully losing weight and maintaining the weight loss requires several different factors all working together. Get a team of experts behind you to successfully to achieve the long-term weight loss you desire.

So, who do you need on your weight loss team?

1. Doctor – A step many skip!

2. Nutritionist – I'm happy to work with you:)

3. Personal Trainer – I’ll share a few options.

4. Support Group – If you’re a member of… Continue

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Women of Faith

I won't be here tomorrow or Saturday. I'll be in Indianapolis at the Woman of Faith gathering. I can't wait. I'm going with my best friend and have been looking forward to this for a long time.

I need a break... we all do. America, we are all about the dream, materialism and go go go. Women were created to rest. Do we? Not many of us do... well that is, some of us rest too much and coin our own destiny as couch potatoes and others of us run so much that we are unable to slow down for… Continue

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REM Sleep - The Sequel

More than enough time has passed since I promised to be back with the rest of the rest story on REM...

REM Sleep

You may be saying that you get sleep at night with the aid of your sleeping pills. However, most prescription sleeping medications alter the sleep cycle and suppress the all important REM sleep. You may also wonder why your weight loss is not going so well. Keep reading.

REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep is the deepest cycle of sleep lasting about 10 minutes.… Continue

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Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

Okay, now you are motivated to make the changes in your life to obtain the weight loss you are seeking and to be a happier healthier you. How do you maintain and achieve success? What are some easy things for you to do that will make a difference to achieve your goal? What things can you do that will help change your bad habits and start good ones? Today I offer some good tips to living a healthier lifestyle. This is not an all inclusive list but just… Continue

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Enjoying the not so lazy days of summer

As I sit on my balcony gazing out at the evening sky I am in awe of the beautiful pastel colors that intermix with the wispy clouds as the sun sets. The varying shades of blue, pink, red, and yellow intensify just before the sky turns a deep blue and settles into the dark black of night. It has been another day of hustle and bustle and I enjoy the quiet time as I relax from a long day. My mind begins to wander as I enjoy the mild summer we have… Continue

Added by Brian, the old man on August 1, 2009 at 10:31pm — 1 Comment

My Success!

I am reaching my goals. I have lost over 80 pounds! Click here to see my progress and read about how I am achieving success.

Added by Brian, the old man on July 24, 2009 at 9:30am — No Comments

My Favourite Healthy Eating Lifestyles

Vegetarian or 'plant-based' diets can be a very healthy eating style. By not eating meat, you automatically consume less cholesterol and saturated fat. All the other rules still apply, however, of practicing variety, balance and moderation.

Start your day with breakfast.

Breakfast fills your "empty tank" to get you going after a long night without food. And it can help you do better in school. Easy to prepare breakfasts include… Continue

Added by Sara Micale on July 20, 2009 at 11:08pm — No Comments

What Is So Great About SuperFoods & SuperGreens?

The top five reasons you should add Superfoods especially SuperGreens to your diet?

1. You Will Prevent Illness and Disease

2. You Will Feel and Look Younger

3. You Can Lose… Continue

Added by TC on July 13, 2009 at 10:30am — No Comments

Hidden Caffeine in Diet Supplements

Not too long ago I posted on weight loss supplements and the fraudulent (and potentially dangerous) claims being made. I came across more information I’d like to share with you.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) analyzed over 50 dietary supplements and found approximately half contained the caffeine equivalent of 2 cups of coffee. Dietary supplements are not required to list caffeine content unless pure caffeine… Continue

Added by Lisa Nelson on June 30, 2009 at 9:30am — No Comments

Do You Need to Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

When it's time to lose weight, many of us are trained to think "cut back on fat". In a previous post - What's the right amount of fat? - I discussed fat soluble vitamins, how much fat you should include in your daily diet, and some healthy fat sources. Now I want to cover one other important contribution fat makes when it comes to losing weight.

One of the beauties of fat is that it helps us to feel… Continue

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Do I Have to Stop Snacking to Lose Weight?

There is a general perception that snacking is bad and you need to cut out snacking if you want to lose weight. Well, the opposite is actually true.

It is important to eat regularly, every 3-4 hours to maintain your metabolic rate, promote stable blood sugar levels, and prevent insulin spikes. By maintaining a high metabolism you boost the calories you burn throughout the day, which helps you lose weight. By maintaining stable blood sugar levels and preventing insulin spikes you will… Continue

Added by Lisa Nelson on June 16, 2009 at 3:30pm — 2 Comments

5 Biggest Diet Myths Revealed!

Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is a key step towards heart health. Later this month I'm hosting a free teleclass with fellow dietitian Ursula Ridens if you want to know how to lose we1ght and keep it off - permanently!

You are invited to the FREE teleclass on Tuesday, June 23, called "5 Biggest Dieting Myths Revealed."

On this call, we're revealing EXACTLY which dieting strategies will help you shed the pounds once and for all, so you can look good,… Continue

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Calories - Is less really best?

Have you ever been frustrated by not losing weight even when you feel like you've done everything possible to cut down on calories?

So is less really best when it comes to how many calories we eat? One might think that reducing calories is the most direct way to manage weight. However, this can backfire, especially with eating less than 1200 calories per day (or higher in some individuals). When one cuts their calories down too low the body's metabolism (the rate at which we burn… Continue

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Indian Dietician and Nutritionist and Diet plan Consultant

Life Century is a healthcare and wellness company. We are a team of health professionals including ayurvedic doctors nutritionists and yoga experts of high repute, who as a team design a tailor made programme to suit your special needs keeping in mind the constitution of your body according to ayurveda and your metabolism. We consider your diet preferences, your medical problems and your daily routine so that our programme blends effortlessly into your… Continue

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The 8 reasons fiber is a miracle

This cartoon looks funny but it says a lot!

Fiber is a miracle for eight reasons. It can help you:

• Lose weight

• Maintain your ideal weight for life

• Reduce your risk of a heart attack

• Maintain healthy cholesterol levels

• Reduce your risk of diabetes and maintain normal blood sugar

• Reduce your risk of cancer

• Maintain bowel regularity

• Improve your immunity

Have you… Continue

Added by Susana on May 27, 2009 at 1:52pm — 1 Comment

What Makes You Fat?

What makes you fat?

Simply put we eat more calories than we burn off in a day’s time. Take for instances a person that drives a truck for a living and has to unload and load all day long. Now even though they may not get to the gym daily the amount of energy they are burning is probably off setting what they are eating, unless they are eating a slab of ribs at every stop lol.

Now take a person that sits all day at their job in a call center, talking to people all day long.… Continue

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