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6 Healthy Eating Tips

1. Portion control! There is no reason to pile food on your plate! Just take a reasonable amount, and you should be good! Overeating is a huge problem in America because we don't know when to stop!

2. Eat slowly. I know when you are really hungry that can be hard, but if you take time and chew everything slowly, you are less likely to overeat. How crazy is that? Just slow down, and enjoy the food.

3. If you don't like the food, don't eat it. I know that sounds silly, but… Continue

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Focus on CAN DO and not LOOK LIKE

As I've mentioned, I am currently going through the exercise program called P90X. I had the pleasure of participating in a conference call with the creator and trainer, Tony Horton. During this discussion one of the participants mentioned that they are always asked how to get the "six pack" abs like Tony. His response was both surprising and inspirational.

Tony said, "focus on Can Do and NOT Look Like." Perhaps this is easy to say for a man that obviously looks… Continue

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Could Your Friends Be Making You Fat?

A new study suggests that we might "catch" obesity from those around us. Now instead of just cold and flu season, it appears we have to worry about fat season, which unfortunately lasts all year long. Further research suggests that we're three times more likely to be overweight today than we were a decade ago, and that 75 percent of us will be obese by 2015. Clearly, we're in the middle of an outbreak. Before you freak out though, read on, because we've already found a… Continue

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Daily Health and Fitness Tips at Personal Fitness Coach Blog

Hi all,

Did you know that blogging is good for your health? Here is a link to that story.

I blog almost daily to provide health and fitness tips. Stop by and say hi. If you also blog, I would love to cross-promote. All the best!

My Goal is to Help YOU reach YOURS!

- Coach…

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