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Inexpensive Way of Keeping the Weight Down


The United States is among the nations with the highest obesity rate in the world, obesity has been a difficult issue to deal with in the social life of us Americans, and in the last decade we have really led the way in overweight people but recently we seem to have been more aware of how deadly obesity can be and have taken… Continue

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Holiday Cleansing Teas and Exercise Tips

From Ask Dr. Mao:

Stuffed with stuffing, filled with turkey, crammed with cookies, and saturated with alcohol. Now what? Holidays call for celebration, and many of us know the consequences that come from overindulging in alcohol and food. Sometimes, despite out best intentions, we overdo it. This holiday… Continue

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100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do (Part 2)

From the New York Times: Or what you should expect when eating out, but do not want.

This is the second half of the 100 do’s and don’ts from last week’s post. Again, this list is for one particular restaurant, mine, which is… Continue

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100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do

From the New York Times. Or What you want when eating out.

Herewith is a modest list of dos and don’ts for servers at the seafood restaurant I am building. Veteran waiters, moonlighting actresses, libertarians and baristas will no doubt protest some or most of what follows. They will claim it… Continue

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