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13 Fall Fruits and Vegetables for your Menu

The fall is a cornucopia of available fresh fruits and vegetables that you should add to your diet. Many can be used during the holiday season, but you don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy them.

Apples, carrots, and especially clementines are great for lunches.

Sweet potatoes can be used from making pancakes to pies to a side dish for dinner. And broccoli is versatile for breakfast omelets, lunch salads, or dinner vegetables.

For today’s Iowa Avenue’s Thursday Thirteen, I’ve listed the following fall fruits and vegetables--many of which are available locally (depending on where you reside of course). They have plenty of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber and should be reasonably priced because they’re in season.

I’ve linked each one to a Healthy Lifestyle Blogger that had a recipe, new idea, great information, or a special use for that particular fruit or vegetable.

So, take a few minutes to browse the list:

1. Apple

2. Pumpkin

3. Cranberries

4. Sweet Potatoes

5. Turnips

6. Broccoli

7. Cabbage

8. Clementines

9. Kale

10. Pomegranates

11. Garlic

12. Grapefruit

13. Carrots

Be sure to check your local farmer’s market for more alternatives. This was only a short list of available fresh fall foods.

If you haven’t enjoyed any of these lately, now is the perfect time, because

After all, it’s about a health lifestyle!

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