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Frequently Asked Questions About Acai Berries and The Acai Scams

* General Acai Information

What is an acai berry?
Acai berries are small, dark purple berries that grows on large palms in countries like Brazil. The berry is about the size of a grape and is considered to be one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Why is acai considered the #1 super food in the world?
Acai is considered the #1 super food because it has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any known food in the world. Fiber, iron, amino acids, and healthy omega fatty acids are also very important to our diets, and acai berries have high concentrations of them all.

What are the origins of the acai berry?
The acai berry originates from the famous Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil.

How much acai should I use each day?
It is recommended to use 1000 mg of acai each day. This can be taken 1000 mg once a day or 500 mg twice a day.

Should I just let the pills dissolve on my tongue?
Yes, if you have melt-away tabs. I’ve also seen acai berry pills come in capsule form. You would just swallow those.

What is the point behind the melt away tabs?
Your mouth has a higher nutrient absorption potential than your stomach. The fact that the antioxidants just sit in your mouth and dissolve, says a lot about the formulation of the uptake process of this supplement. If they didn’t really care, they would have just manufactured a solid, hard pill. Another place that has extremely high absorption is your eye ball, but I don’t think you want to put the acai in your eye.

When should I take acai?
You can take your acai anytime during the day. We usually recommend either taking all your acai in the morning with your daily vitamin, or taking it in two 500 mg doses, once in the morning and once before bed.

Will acai berries interact with my medication?
I don’t care what your medication is, if you have a question about it you need to ask your doctor. I am not a doctor and I can’t make that decision for you. That being said, acai berries are really just fruit. Most medications will not interact with fruit, but some will react with certain fruits depending on the nutritional content, so again if you have any questions ask your doc.

How old do I have to be to use acai?
Well, acai berries are fruit just like blueberries. Therefore, in my opinion, if you are old enough to eat blueberries you are old enough to eat acai. For this rule to work, it needs to be a 100% pure acai supplement. I can’t speak for any other ingredients that might be in your acai supplements.

Why, after I stopped taking my acai supplement for a couple days have I been feeling bloated and gassy, and how long will it last?
This is probably just gas. You might be experiencing an increase in gas and bloating because acai really helps digestion, and when you remove the acai you begin to again feel your normal digestive issues kicking in.

You didn’t notice it before you used acai because you have been living with it for your whole life, but once you remove acai you will notice how healthy you really did feel when you were using taking it daily. This is just an indication that your digestive system benefits from using acai.

You will probably get used to this feeling again within a week or two, at which time it will feel as if it has gone away. In reality though, you have just become used to it again.

* Benefits of Acai

Why should you supplement with acai berry?
We already discussed acai’s antioxidant concentration and nutritional benefits. You should also know that acai combats the free radicals that cause cancer, and in fact acai has shown to destroy cancer cells in laboratory experiments.

What are the benefits of supplementing with acai?
Although they vary from person to person, some reported benefits of acai users include:

o A boost in energy levels
o Improved digestive function
o Increased libido
o Stronger immune system
o Better mental focus and clarity
o Better sleep patterns
o Enhanced visual clarity
o Relief from minor aches and pains
o Detox and cleansing
o Healthier, younger looking skin
o Improved circulation
o Increased strength, stamina, and endurance
o Partial alleviation of symptoms of depression
o Increased workout recovery
o Increased injury recovery
o An increase in fat loss

Does acai really improve sex drive?
Acai is not viagra. However, because the acai berry is such a healthy food, it improves most functions throughout the entire body. This includes the body’s sexual response. With a healthier body and elevated stamina, you can expect your sex drive to increase and sexual performance to improve.

Does acai really prevent the growth of cancer cells?
Acai is not a cure for cancer. However, several laboratory tests have been orchestrated with the intent to find out if acai really does decrease the risk of cancer. A similar study was run at The University of Florida, which revealed that the acai berry did kill cancer cells in lab tests.

* Acai and Weight Loss

What is the acai berry diet?
There really is no acai berry diet; there are only acai berry products. If you search around you might be able to find a diet designed around the use of acai, which would essentially be an acai berry diet, but that wouldn’t really make much sense since acai is neither a diet strategy nor is it specifically a weight loss pill. Instead, you should look to get on a healthy diet, and supplement with acai at the same time.

Does acai really help you lose weight?
Acai is not a magic weight loss pill. However, if you are currently eating healthy and exercising regularly, you should experience increased fat loss.

Will I gain the weight back after I stop using acai?
As long as you maintain a healthy diet and keep exercising, you will not gain the weight back just because you stop using acai. You might experience a weight loss plateau or decreased weight loss, but you will suddenly start gaining it back. If you stop using acai, stop eating healthy, and stop exercising, you will definitely gain the weight back.

Does acai really help you flush toxins?
Yes, acai is such a great nutritional benefit to your body, it will fight and destroy free radicals, it will improve your digestion process, and it will help your intestines rid themselves of festering food sludge that can potentially make you sick.

Will acai berry reduce my breast size?
The only way acai berry will reduce your breast size, is if you use acai in combination with an exercise and nutrition plan. By adding acai to a proper fat loss strategy, you will lose fat quicker from your whole body. Since the breasts are primarily fatty tissue you can be sure that some of that fat loss will come from the breast area.

How should I exercise while supplementing with acai?
Exercise 4-5 times each week with either cardio or weight training. Try a full body workout routine and add at least 2 high intensity cardio sessions to it.

How should I eat while supplementing with acai?
If you want to lose weight, you should eat a restricted calorie diet with carbohydrates targeted around workouts. Follow these 10 tips to lose weight pretty quickly.

If you want to gain weight, you should eat a high protein, high complex carbohydrate diet, and supplement with healthy fats like fish oil and flax oil.

* Ordering Acai

What is the best acai berry pill?
Most of the 100% pure acai berry supplements offered online are pretty much the same. As long as you are getting between 800-1000 mg of acai per serving you probably have a pretty good acai pill.

What is the best acai berry juice?
Hands down, the best acai juice is made by Sambazon. Sometimes you can find Sambazon acai juice in the stores, but you can definitely order it online.

Is the acai berry a scam?
This is a loaded question. Acai is scientifically proven to be a super food and it is definitely not a scam in and of itself. However, there are some acai products on the market that do not perpetuate the healthy properties of acai. This is typically because some acai juices are too diluted to be of any use, or are so filled with added sugar that they are effectively junk food on par with regular soda.

What about all those acai berry Google ads that appear to be blogs but only have 1 page?
Those are just a bunch of affiliate marketers putting up pages that claim some girl lost 30 pounds in 3 months using acai. 99.9% of those blogs are absolutely scams. They use some generic story about some girl that lost weight. The website appears to be a blog, but often only has one main page with links to buy the free acai trials. Many of those sites actually use the same pictures of the same girls over and over using different names.

However, the products they are promoting are typically not scams. They often promote one of the many free trial offers that allow you to order a free trial by paying $5 for shipping.

Will the acai berry free trials continue to charge my credit card?
The free trial offers are set up so that you buy the free trial for about $5 for shipping, then once a month the manufacturer sends you a new bottle and automatically bills your credit card for the product. If you don’t want them to bill your credit card or send you more product, just call them up and request to have the reorder canceled.

Why can’t I get whole acai berries at my local grocery store?
Acai berries spoil very easily. Within 24 hours of being harvested, room temperature acai berries begin to lose their nutritional benefits. For this reason acai is usually flash frozen or processed immediately into a food or supplement.

Where can I buy acai berry products locally?
You should check your local whole foods store for acai products. I found some Sambazon acai juice in Shaws, in Hooksett, NH, but I haven’t found it in any other stores or any other Shaws. There are other garbage acai products in the stores, but for the most part I wouldn’t trust any of them.

Will the acai pulp work the same as the acai pills?
Yes! Acai is acai is acai. As long as you are using 100% pure acai pulp and 100% pure acai pills, both products should work the same. Also, you should try to find out how the acai is harvested. If the acai pulp is processed at room temperature for any length of time, it might have lost some percentage of it’s nutritional benefits.

I believe Sambazon sells acai pulp as ’smoothie packs’. They also sell acai powder and acai juice.

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