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I am sitting here this morning, wanting to create a meaningful post for my dear readers and all I seem to be able to focus on is the garbage I am reading in the media and hearing about on the news each day. The garbage about health and diets to be more specific.

A few days ago, I got all engrossed in an article about how the mind affects your health. The study that I was reading about involved heart patients. People who came in for treatment of chest pain. Half of the group in the study were given an IV of saline and told nothing. The other half of the group was given an IV of saline and were told that it contained medicine that would ease their chest pain and help open their arteries. Guess how the study turned out? Over 90% of the group that were told they had the medicine were symptom free pretty darn quickly. Including the people that actually had blockages. The study went on to state that the people that actually had blockages and thought they had received the medicine had visible increase in blood flow to their hearts…with NO medical intervention. Yes, the mind is a powerful thing.

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